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Return Policy

You may return and receive a refund for your purchase up to 60 days after your package is received. You must have a registered PayPal account (signing up is free, please refer to Paypal Money Transfer Services).

The steps to refund your item(s) are:

  1. Notify us of your intent to refund a product by using this form with the same e-mail address  associated with your order. Alternatively, you may contact us via Paypal (see Paypal: How do I request a refund?)
  2. We will reply within forty-eight (48) hours with confirmation details.
  3. Mail back the item(s) to be refunded in its original packaging by using Canada Post’s Return Label.
  4. After we receive the returned package, we will issue a full refund of the item(s) through PayPal.

Payment will be issued to the same credit/debit card used for the original transaction. Please note it may up to thirty (30) days for PayPal to process the refund and have it appear on your card statement.

If paid with your bank account or PayPal balance, payment is refunded to your PayPal account.